Mind ≯ Flesh


I honestly can’t believe it‘s been only five weeks since I started on this crazy scheme.

Five weeks ago I couldn’t get up the ice without falling over.

Five weeks ago I couldn’t get UP when I fell over.

We’ve hit that point where I’m getting frustrated and even Coach Intenso is telling me to be less intense.

The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak.

We had our second scrimmage session last week. I stepped out of the D role and tried my hand at Wing and even Centre. It was great, but it really showed me my limitations.

Most of those limitations are physical. Strength and endurance.

Let’s face it, I’m overweight and out of shape. My glute strength is nonexistent, and I fatigue in hockey stance way too fast. Frankly, I just don’t have the muscle strength to back myself in the turns and the stops.

I’m probably making it sound way worse than it is. I’ll be completely honest, it’s been a rough week and my self confidence which normally hovers around the “I am so awesome, bow down before my awesomeness,” is currently not quite at that level.

I’m doing well. I know I am, but I was raised with the religion of complacency being the devil and the world passes you by when you are standing still.

I need to do something to kickstart my heart* and my body. There’s something in the works, stay tuned.

The last few weeks have covered crossovers pretty heavily, which, well… you can imagine I struggle with. I think it’s mostly fear.

There’s a guy who we’ll call “The Flowrider” who falls every time we do crossovers. You know what he is doing so much better than me? He’s committing to his edges.

I’m scared. I’m scared of falling, scared of failing, just plain chicken.  I tried to throw myself into it a bit more this week and I think I improved.  We also moved onto a little bit of backwards skating and puck work. The backwards skating is good. I’m not sure why I’m ok with it, but something about it works for me (I will not be a D man, I will NOT be on D.)

Puck work? Well that’s just pucked. It won’t go where I want it! I can’t get my stick to stay in the right place, I can’t keep the puck on my stick, and most of all I can’t do any of those while skating with any type of form whatsoever.

Mind ≯ Flesh.


*If you don’t start singing Motley crew at this point, we can’t be friends.


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