Image (c) Emdot (Creative Commons)

Just call me Jenny Hockey.

I’ve skated forwards, skated backwards, learnt to slapshot, gotten sent to the penalty box, made my first check, and scored my first goal.

I’m a rounded hockey player.

Ok, I’m a round hockey player.

I’ve developed instincts. They may be combined with the physical ability of a hippo on rollerskates, but I can feel the fledgling hockey instincts forming in my hind brain.

Edges, which are so hard in drills and training, just happen in scrimmage. Stopping happens. (Sometimes, sometimes there’s boards or other players that assist in the stopping, sometimes.) Sharp turns happen, my usual 747 approach pattern can dwindle to that of a public bus when instinct takes over and my body forgets that it can’t.

It just works.

It wouldn’t have happened without the Next Level Coaches.

They never told me I couldn’t, they only laughed with me, never at me. They gave me their time and their encouragement.

Term one is over, my first pair of hockey skates are on their way, I’ve learnt my first defensive system. (I’m not playing defence!!)

There’s some exciting things on the horizon, but this weekend is all about Chocolate. I’m going to celebrate my birthday with a 6am Stick & Puck and then a girls scrimmage on the weekend with the best bunch of women it has ever been my pleasure to sport with.


Term two starts next week.

What are you waiting for?



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